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For the first time ever, the powerful life and longevity enhancing effects of nucleic acids have been combined with the potent CELLFOOD® technology. CELLFOOD® offers a synergistic enhancement of the desirable properties of the DNA and RNA bases through improved absorption, enzyme support, and providing trace elements vital to the optimum function of metabolic pathways in the cells and tissues.

CELLFOOD® DNA/RNA is one of the most rejuvenating, immune enhancing, and tissue supporting formulas ever to be released. The wide-ranging benefits to be described are further boosted with a proprietary globally patented laser technology that significantly increases the efficiency of nutrient utilization, making for an unmatched product that cannot be duplicated.

CELLFOOD® DNA/RNA is provided as a highly convenient and biologically active oral spray formula. Providing the nucleic acid base components in this form can increase their absorption into the bloodstream highly significantly. Instead of only 1-3% delivery to the blood stream for systemic use, the oral spray may effectively deliver 90% or more of the nucleic acids ingested to cells and tissues throughout the body.


It is perhaps functional nucleic acid deficiency that limits our potential for healthy longevity more than any other single factor. Of all the interventions that have ever been attempted to increase the life span of mammals, no method ever studied has been more powerful for mammalian life extension than nucleic acid supplementation. Compared to other techniques that have increased longevity of experimental animals up to 50%, administering nucleic acids has doubled and even tripled the usual maximum life span.

CELLFOOD® DNA/RNA provides the most concentrated, efficient, and cost effective delivery of nucleic acids ever developed. For cell rejuvenation, enhanced immunity, and numerous tissue benefits, the oral spray of this formula provides readily absorbed pure individual nucleic acid bases. The magnitude of this delivery is indicated by the quantity of DNA nucleic acid base elements given in a single one-month supply of CELLFOOD®

CELLFOOD® DNA/RNA – nearly double the amount of all the nuclear DNA in all the cells of the body.


The most sensitive blood chemistry test for determining the rate of methyl group loss from DNA is called homocysteine. The higher the homocysteine level above 4-6, the greater the rate of methyl group loss from DNA. The teenage level of homocysteine is 4-6, which tends to rise 1-2 points per decade, such that at 60-70, the level is typically 12-15 or higher. Elevated homocysteine has in parallel with aging effects also been found to be a cardiac risk factor. Above a level of 6.3, cardiac risk rises exponentially, with a level of 15 carrying a risk four times, and a level of 20 carrying a risk that is nine times greater for a major cardiovascular incident than that of the general population.

Added ATP Benefits

ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate, perhaps the most important of all the nucleic acid derivatives in the body. Its effects are so powerful and essential to cellular function, a description of its unique properties warrants special attention. CELLFOOD® DNA/RNA has an especially rich supply of ATP in a highly bioavailable form.

ATP is the fundamental currency of every cell in the body. Virtually every activity in the body that requires energy uses ATP as the source of power. Whether the function is building complex molecules from building blocks, maintaining the electric potential of cell membranes, or allowing muscle fibers to contract for mobility, speed, and strength, it is ATP that provides the electrochemical fuel.

For any person with medical issues, it is always advised that their physician be consulted before beginning any new nutritional program.

DNA/RNA is a landmark new formula that combines the benefits of CELLFOOD® with powerful proprietary laser technology. Delivering highly bioactive nucleic acid elements with synergistic cofactors, this formula can help rebuild and boost the function of every cell in the body.

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