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 Auriculodiagnosis is an ancient Chinese method for diagnosing a variety of diseases that may not even exhibit external symptoms, we do not even guess about them. It enables the detection of germ health problems, which is an important prerequisite for their faster and easier management. Fast, reliable, and safe ,this method until 1950 was almost unknown, but thanks to Dr. Paul Nogue, a French doctor and acupuncturist, it was revived. The doctor has rediscovered something that the Chinese knew about 4,000 years ago, and so on. “Little guy” in the ear (when an acupuncture point is connected to the ear, a curious image similar to a miniature man is turned upside down).


Аuriculodiagnostics can detect diseases of the heart, liver, digestive system, glands with internal secretion, kidneys, brain, nervous system, bones and many others. Through it, one can learn not only about the physical but also the mental state of man. Diagnosis can also be accompanied by appropriate local therapies – auriculotherapy. The method produces a powerful impact effect by stimulating the acupuncture points of the earlobe through various treatments – LASER, CYBUS, CYBUM-MAGNET, Microacquauriculopuncture and others.

The auriculodiagnosis is one of the many methods used when working with our patients, along with iris diagnostics, bio-resonance diagnostics, BIA-analysis of the body composition and more. They allow us to individualize in details the status of each individual patient – something extremely important for subsequent efficacy of therapy itself to preserve his health and good shape for many years.


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