The choice, as a style and guarantee for success


The choice of treatment is not just a standard of living, but also of personal health, culture, traditions and even education. In this sense, it is a style of behavior that naturally changes over the years.

Which is the right choice though? It is a fact that the achievements of medicine that outlined its modern appearance in the first half of the 20th century also prompted a dangerous emphasis on pharmacology; the use of artificially acquired drugs, not known to the human nature. Without denying the great achievements of this type of treatment, too many undesirable consequences have come – resistance of the agents to certain drugs, hypersensitivity to some of them with dangerous allergic reactions, extremely severe harmful accumulations in the body, etc.


The seeming triumph and prosperity of pharmacology, behind which are lying huge interests of pharmaceutical companies around the world, threatened even further the weakened connection between man and nature. Therefore, the realization of this devastating addiction sought out a new Alternative Medicine. It can also be called Integrative or Natural-Science Medicine. By relying on millenniums of experience from different cultures and civilizations, the alternative methods can only add to the best of modern medicine.  And that’s why it is her powerful ally for the benefit of the whole society.Thetefore the alliance between science and tradition, between the modern and the environmentally friendly natural approach, could lead to the most appropriate choice of treatment.

And this is the choice of the enlightened man, freed from prejudices. According to official statistics from the 80’s in America and Europe, about 40% of their population are using natural treatments. The data for Australia is similar. Through surveys among doctors in England, it has been found that patients’ consultations on the alternative pathway reach 13-14 million per year (almost a third of all consultations!). Alternative methods are used by over 2,500 medics and 80% of general practitioners have expressed a desire to study them.

It’s hardly a coincidence that a public figure such as Prince Charles takes a stand on this issue as a former president of the British Medical Association. He authoritatively notes: “What we now find unacceptable is probably tomorrow to become a norm, and these additional methods of treatment that we have for so long ignored should be taken into account.”



The attraction of the human psyche towards the unconventional, fueled by mysticism and overlaid delusions is however a golden environment for charlatanism. That makes alternative methods of “practicing” by self-taught healers no less dangerous than blind reliance on contemporary medicine. Therefore, the right choice of treatment is not simply a mechanical mixture of the two therapies. It primarily involves the best choice of a knowledgeable professional who is able to apply it to each case.


To date, a very important role and task for doctors practicing practicing alternative medicine  is not only to assert its achievements, but above all using modern technical means, to achieve new successes in justifying the mechanisms of healing action of alternative methods. Extremely important quality of a higher stage in its development is the establishment of a highly professional approach to comprehensive analysis, integrating alternative directions. This means very high qualifications in various branches of alternative medicine need to be refracted through one person, a doctor, and placed at the highest technical level.

To sum up in the end- Who do you look for when you want to use methods of alternative medicine? The first and most important step should always be to find a qualified doctor who has sufficient experience in the clinical performance of official medicine and also has extensive knowledge and high level of training for all different methods of alternative medicine.

This is the personality of the doctor-holistic favoring the principles of natural therapy in their work.

Such is the medical community that we should strive for. The latest advancements in technology allow for a unified, strong and constantly alert field of professionals who are able to exchange information on a global scale. With the Internet and modern computer applications already in place, the discovery and sharing of medical information can only lead to a brighter future where medicines of any origin, alternative or otherwise, can benefit from each other.


Best wishes for the most valuable – Natural Health!
Dr. Rossen Stefanov