Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)



The type of figure may be misleading!!! On this illustration the individual A and individual B have the same weight and looks, and compared to them C looks fatter. But after professional analysis of the fat tissue of the three, it appears that A and C have acceptable values, B has strongly increased amount of adipose tissue, thereby exposed to risks to his health. Losing body weight may lead to increased rates of adipose tissue.

Individuals A and B are same height and at the beginning of their diet are the same weight and have the same New Pictureamount of fat. Although the results are identical, A used a diet which reduces daily calorie intake, and he lost mainly water and muscle tissue and fat percentage increased from 23.6% to 25.7%. B is using diatery supplement that breaks down fat stores, proper eating and exercise regime. So losing weight for him means losing fat – from 23.6% to 16.6%. In the method used to measure the patient steps on the four electrodes on the platform of the professional medical apparatus of the Japanese company TANITA and his body passes over the weak current (completely safe, but it cannot be used by patients with pacemakers). This account of resistance, and the quantity of the various tissues in the body. Other detailed methods which can be used are Dil – D2O, Dil – NaBr and DXA. Thanks to this latest complex methodology, measuring the body fat and the other parameters of the body is now as easy as measuring blood pressure. The percentage of body fat has its normal range. It has been proved that reducing the high percentage of fat automatically reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and others. However, certain minimum amount of fat is vital to daily body functions. It keeps the joints safe, maintains the organs, helps for the temperature regulation of the body and stores vitamins. Everyone needs fat to be healthy and active.

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What is the right amount of water in the body?

Тhe importance of the quantity of water in the body has already been proved. Here are the limits within which it should be in a healthy body:

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Optimal levels of water in the body ensure the smooth functioning of metabolism. Cells regenerate better and age more slowly. Probability of unlocking any diseases decreases. Blood does not thicker, which relieves the heart and vessels, and therefore reduces the risk of heart attacks.

Levels of Visceral Fat (VFAT)

Visceral Fat (Abdominal Fat) is the fat that surrounds the vital organs on the trunk / stomach area of the body. Visceral fat is the fat you can’t pinch – it is on the inside of your muscle wall. Typically this type of fat is most often found in high levels in middle aged men (often mistakenly referred to as a beer belly). Men have a genetic predisposition to accumulating fat in this way, whereas women are more likely to store fat subcutaneously. Nevertheless women store VFAT after the menopause has occurred. High Visceral Fat levels increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Lowering Visceral Fat levels can stabilise insulin action substantially, and reduce the risk of diabetes and other related illnesses.

Basal Metabolick Rate (BMR)

The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the number of calories the body needs when at rest. Man burns calories no matter what he is doing, even during sleep. About 70% of the calories burned daily are used for the internal metabolism. Moreover, energy is spent in carrying out any activity. The more dynamic job, the more calories are burned. This is because skeletal muscle (or about 40% of body weight) acts as a engine and spends much energy. The main metabolism is influenced mainly by the quantity muscles you have. If you have high muscle metabolism that will increase the amount of calories you burn and will help you burn fat. From studies of healthy people, scientists have determined that aging changes the metabolic number. The basic metabolism increases while the child is fully developed. After the peak, 16 or 17 years of age, it begins to fall/to drop (I know it doesn’t make much sense, but trust me, I couldn’t understand what this means even in Bulgarian).

How does TANITA calculate the BMR?

Tanita does not use the approximate method for calculating the BMR, representing the standard equation of weight and age. It calculates it using clinical study of the BMR and body composition. This method is scientifically validated by using indirect calorimetry (measurement of the composition of breath)

What is metabolick age?

This feature takes into account the BMR and all major body indexes and determine the age corresponding to this type of metabolism. If your metabolic age is bigger than actual, it is a sign that you should improve your metabolism. More exercise would have built a healthy muscle tissue, which would have lowered the age.

Muscle mass

This feature indicates the weight of muscles in the body. This includes skeletal muscle, smooth muscle and water contained in them. Muscles play an important role as they act as the body’s engine in consuming energy (calories). As you exercise more, your muscle mass increase, which in turn accelerates the rate of energy or calories consumed. Increasing your muscle mass will raise your metabolic rate helping you reduce excess body fat levels and lose weight the healthy way.

Physical rating

This is an assessment of physique as the ratio of body fat and muscle mass. When you become more active and reduce the amount of body fat rating of physics also changes. Everyone should know what physique they want to have and to follow a medical program with organic dietary supplements, proper nutrition and fitness to achieve it.

Bone Mineral Mass

The Bone Mineral Mass feature, indicates an estimated weight of bone mineral mass. This result is reached through statistical calculation based on research findings that there is a close correlation with bone weight and FFM (Fat Free Mass). The development of muscle tissue through exercise has been shown to encourage stronger, healthier bones. It’s important that patients should aim to develop and maintain healthy bones through plenty of exercise along with a calcium-rich diet. Obviously there is no healthy range or target for Bone Mineral Mass but as Innerscan gives repeatable readings you will be able to monitor any changes over time.

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Necessary conditions for accurate measurement:

  • don’t or drink too much the evening before the testing;
  • at least 3 hours after waking up;
  • at least 3 hours after eating or drinking too much water;
  • at least 12 hours after exercising or drinking alcohol;
  • empty bladder;
  • if it is possible do every other test at the same time of the day;
  • women to avoid doing the testing during their monthly period.

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