Do we take proper care of of our heart?

The development of the world and the improvement of the quality of life in some aspects may also hide its disadvantages. For example, in more developed countries, where the population has a more livelier lifestyle, there is a tendency to increasing people with heart problems. Incorrect lifestyle, food, and air are the main factors leading to heart disease.

Cardiovascular diseases become more frequent with age, but they can be provoked at early age due to our way of life. These problems can also be transmitted through inheritance, making their prevention more difficult to achieve. Therefore, in such cases, it is advisable to visit a doctor more often, especially if there is someone in our family with a  similar disease.

Fat and cholesterol stick to the blood vessel walls in the form of a plaque, which causes blood flow to decrease, and in many cases leads to a heart attack.


How to take care of our  heart?

Many people think it is too late to do prophylactic treatment if they are already suffering from some heart disease. But the truth is that it reduces the risk of a recurrent heart attack or a deepening of the problem they have.

Often, changing our eating habbits can be difficult and unpleasant, but it can be vitally important.

High levels of fat in the blood are a factor that also affects the heart. Cholesterol, which occupies an important place in our physiological processes, is produced in the liver. When we have high levels of it, we need to limit its further supply of food in the form of animal fats. Therefore, taking any fat and products rich in cholesterol – fatty meats, eggs, seafood, liver, and others should be kept to a minimum.

At the expense of these fats, vegetable oils like olive oil should be increased and fruits and vegetables  rich in fiber should be eaten as much as possible. Oatmeal and whole grain bread are also good choices. These changes in the diet can also lead to a reduction in excess weight, which is recommended for heart problems.

Stress and smoking are also risky factors for the onset of a heart attack. But we have long ago had evidence that taking alcohol in moderate amounts has a beneficial effect on the heart. The norm is 50 ml of solid alcohol a day or 300 ml of wine or beer. But this does not apply, of course, to more serious cases.

The heart is a vital organ and we have to respect its burden from our younger years if we want it to serve us faithfully and for a long time.

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