Against cancer

Fighting cancer

Fighting cancer

“The prime cause of cancer lies in changing normal oxygen respiration of the cells to anaerobic (non-oxygen) cell respiration.”

For this breakthrough Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology

World experts concluded that the lack of oxygen in cells and tissues is associated with the majority (even all) health problems and diseases. The low oxygen content at the cellular level leads to a rapid accumulation of metabolic toxins and poisons that create conditions for development of all types of pathogens and abnormal reactions, increases the number of bacteria and viruses, as well as a number of serious secondary reactions, leading ultimately to the extremely serious diseases, especially cancer.

Therefore the use of oxygen therapy has remarkable curative effect! Particularly valuable is the effect against tumors. The most efficient and affordable oxygen treatment comes from the US – CELLFOOD® series, created with very special and truly unique technology on the basis of deuterium – “heavy water “. CELLFOOD® was honored with the prestigious Prize of the Inventors Club – ATLANTA, USA. This nutritional supplement is oxygen based and it stimulates the levels of oxygen in the cancer cells, which cause their destruction. Cancer cannot survive in an oxygen environment. This is where  its unique effect comes from

The preparations of the series brings back the physiology functions of the organism to its natural, not carcinogenic levels. They slow down the process of degeneration and aging, help the brain to concentrate – particularly important in continuous stress, easily leading to a serious imbalance and subsequent failure of any organ in the body. Especially suitable for professionals undergoing severe mental overload (CELLFOOD® SAM-e). Subspecies of CELLFOOD® indispensable for enhancing the immunity, also called “morning oxygen vaccine” is Cellfood Multivitamin, which is very suitable for children. CELLFOOD® Natural Weight Loss Formula is an essential part of any program for reducing and controlling weight. Its powerful “fat-burning” action seriously reduces fat deposition and body fat levels because of its strong ternary composition.

Revolution and global drug № 1 with revitalizing and anti aging effect is the newest Cellfood DNA-RNA – the best regenerating formula combining nucleic acid bases (the basic building blocks of RNA and DNA), adenosine triphosphate (ATP – the main source of energy at the cellular level), methyl groups (governing and programming processes of aging) with the oxygen system CELLFOOD®.

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