It is known in Bulgaria from the practice of healer Peter Dimkov. Today, it loses its mysterious aura and becomes a powerful scientific tool.

Its advantages are: simplicity, speed, absolute safety, high informativeness, low cost. All this makes it desirable and in some cases and irreplaceable method for diagnostics in medicine. Iridology can be used in several directions:

  • Prophylactic – few people are aware of the fact that the astronauts have to pass an iridology examination before flight, as well as being checked by doctors.
  • Screening – quick study in mass surveys for cancer, cardiac, respiratory, endocrine, nephrology, neurological and other diseases.
  • Solving difficult diagnostic problems.
  • There is an Irido Genetecs Institute in Chicago, USA dealing with the problems of heredity.
  • The latest trend in this area – treatment by affecting the iris of the eye with a beam of light.


Research centers has been established in iridologiya in different countries, including Germany, USA, Japan, Russia, Canada. The quality of this method significantly improves the use of computer programs.

So far Bioreason has the only computer systeаm for iridology in Bulgaria. It was made thanks to the scientific achievements of the world’s leading irodologysts prof. Jensen, Velhover, Gunther, Deck and Roberts.