The full power of nature

The main natural components of internal administration with a positive influence on human health are:

  • Oxygen
  • Minerals
  • Herbal Extracts
  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins – enzyme preparations
  • Enzyme preparations

Based on strong scientific evidence, which has established the usefulness of these individual natural units, we provide the most complete complex biological therapy for internal administration. It is achieved by combining the following two scientifically designed series:

I. Natural Health Products “BIODOCTOR – PRO series”. They have been developed based on experience and long tradition of Bulgarian folk medicine, and based on the latest achievements of Natural Medicine.

“BIODOCTOR – PRO series” contain extracts and vegetable oils of high quality 100% clean Bulgarian herbs with proven beneficial effects on specific organs and body systems;

II. CELLFOOD® – American Oxygen series, awarded with the International Prize of the Club of inventors ATLANTA, USA. CELLFOOD® seeks and neutralizes the dangerous free radicals (determined by scientists as the primary cause of biological aging, degeneration and all disease processes – including tumors). Its genius lies in the fact that while disposing them, it simultaneously generates the important stable oxygen (O2) in the damaged cells that have the greatest need of it. Oxygen is the most important and indispensable element for human life. Moreover CELLFOOD® delivers 78 minerals, 34 enzymes (nutritional and metabolic) and 17 amino acids (and vitamin complex in CELLFOOD® MULTIVITAMIN), thus provides a set of important nutrients necessary to human health.

Preparations of the two series have effect when used alone – it rather depends on your individual needs. But combining them, they repeatedly reinforce the individual effect, ensuring the fullest power of Nature – our creator! Trust her!