How important is the oxygen for our body? How important is the Oxygen Therapy?


Many experts conclude that the lack of oxygen in the cells and tissues is associated with the majority (even with all) health problems and illnesses, and that is why the different types of oxygen therapy have a remarkable physiological effect. The various types of oxygen therapy cause an additional process that safely increases the available soluble oxygen content in the body. Oxygen therapies can act by increasing the body’s ability to better absorb oxygen. Much of these types of therapy are expensive and require supervision by special medical staff. Here are some brief descriptions of some types of oxygen therapy:


1. Bottled oxygen – often given for bronchial or other respiratory problems. Requires regular examinations through special equipment, laboratory tests, and qualified medical personnel to avoid the opposite effect of eventual overdosing.

2. Ozone therapy (О3) – it is applied rectally (through the anus) or intravenously, contributing to increased oxygen in the blood, improving circulation and immunity (killing bacteria, viruses and fungi). Unfortunately, the ozone molecule is extremely unstable and may be toxic when misused.

3. Hydrogen peroxide therapy – H2O2 itself is produced in the bloodstream in order to fight against bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens. Applying H2O2 can be extremely counterproductive, as it can cause a reverse reaction in the digestive tract: excess hydrogen can unbalance the pH and possibly produce dangerous free radicals. H2O2 therapy can only be used under direct supervision by specialized physicians.


4. Cellfood – the only absolutely safe and non-requisite medical presence and prescription oxygen therapy, which increases oxygen availability directly at the cellular level. This cutting-edge technology is the true and correct answer to the oxygen deficiency.



Symptoms of oxygen deficiency

Initial symptoms of oxygen deficiency may include weakness, fatigue, circulatory problems, indigestion, muscle aches, dizziness, depression, poor memory, irrational behavior, irritability, heartburn and bronchial complications. When the immune system suffers from lack of oxygen, the body is much more sensitive bacteria attacks, viruses, infectious agents, colds, etc. Deprivation of oxygen can lead to severe life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Cancer, like most of the severe diseases, can not prosper in an oxygen-rich environment. Dr. Otto Warburg (Nobel laureate for medicine and physiology) notes: “The primary reason for cancer is the change of normal oxygen breathing of cells with anaerobic (i.e oxygen deficiency) cellular respiration.”

In the analysis of oxygen content in old ice cores from Antarctica, scientists found that in a very distant past the Earth’s atmosphere contained between 38 and 44% oxygen. In recent years, with increased pollution, the increase in toxic substances, and the mass destruction of forests and the reduction of other natural oxygen producers, its level has fallen from 38% to 44% to below 20% (in large cities – 12% 15%). Since the human body is not adapted to function with low levels of oxygen consumption, it leads to the accumulation of harmful toxins in our cells, tissues, organs and blood flow. This is the main cause of the extremely serious diseases of mankind over the last decades, unsuspected and even 100 times stronger than any other disease of the past centuries. Recent data from medical statistics show that oxygen levels below 16% lead to severe lung changes in children and adolescents, and an oxygen level below 6% is a demarcation line for subsequent asphyxia (asphyxia) and death. It is not accidental that the human organism dies in a 3 to 5 minute absence of oxygen! And another example without comment – the human body is composed of 4 basic elements: 3% nitrogen, 10% hydrogen, 18% carbon and 65% oxygen.

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