This is the branch of natural science medicine, which has the most serious traditions claiming the oldest therapeutic method of humanity. There is no nation that does not have its own solid traditions in this direction. This is the methodology that at least needs some detailed clarification. Phytotherapy has the highest proportion among the other areas of alternative medicine in the treatment of various diseases. Indeed, herbal preparations are the closest to human nature and their use is justified. The only negative side is the duration of the treatment itself, it requires continuous administration. Variety of substances in plants and the various links between them determine the most significant feature of phytotherapy – its versatility.
Although the modern science knows well the qualities of each herb with the individual substances in it, the overall therapeutic effect is determined not only by them but, ultimately, is the sum of multiple effects of all the substances of the herb on organs and systems in the body. Scientifically justified most serious is the effect of impact on enzyme systems and hence the overall healing power. Worldwide approximately 23,000 plants are used for treatment, and in Bulgaria – about 250 species.

The  manner of application itself depends on the purpose of the treatment. Luckily in the last five years we can make products that are very easy to use.

It’s well known that the modern man is sicker than he used to be, and that the treatment itself is significantly more complicated and difficult. The dangerous nature of the frequent side effects of the medicines and the developing of intolerance to them requires greater practical application of all alternative treatments. Phytotherapy is one way for emergency assistance.

Not using this method, which has proved its advantages over the millennia, is close to being irresponsible.

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