Power Plate became popular along the name of Madonna. No one can deny that for her age the singer looks perfect. A Courtney Cox? Who does not want to look like her? Here’s what she says about PowerPlate: “Power Plate dramatically changes my workout. I know every muscle in my body is loaded in a way that you can not do with a simple workout. Its applications are unlimited. I love this machine! “

At the beginning of its application this method was used to train astronauts and Olympians, which in itself speaks about its qualities. It is also a fact that this type of workout saves a lot of time, effort and money. It loads a lot of muscle groups and is a very good way to rehabilitate after various injuries.

In “BIODOCTOR” medical center, Power Plate is being used since 2008 as a part of the complex therapy of patients with cardio – vascular and mobility problems, osteoporosis, recovery after injuries and operations, as well as fighting obesity and cellulite. All procedures are supervised by a physician – specialist. Individual approach to each patient is the basis for best results.

Power Plate is the most innovative and highly effective fitness and medical device with high quality. This unique device is a three-dimensional vibrating platform operating on the principle of acceleration, through which the natural reflexes of the body are stimulated. Three-dimensional mechanical vibrations produced by the Power Plate platform pass through the body and activates its natural reflexes of stretching and contraction of the muscles. The maximum effect is achieved by the contractions in different directions, because Power Plate equipment is moving in all directions – just as the human body is biologically programmed to do so. Power Plate is not a sport, but a smart body care, because it provides a training that is joints and tendons friendly..

Price of a procedure – 20.00 BGN.