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CELLFOOD® Silicа for a life without pain

59.00 лв.

“Silica” – The end of the pain.

118 ml

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Taking CELLFOOD® Silica daily helps diminish the signs of aging. 

It helps reduce or eliminate dry and wrinkled skin, weakened teeth and gums, hair loss and weakened bone structure. It also stimulates the body to repair, rebuild and correct a variety of body ailments resulting from the aging process, including cartilage and digestive weaknesses.


Many professional athletes use CELLFOOD® Silica immediately after physical activities in order to reduce their natural recovery period and accelerate the healing process.

Silica works in synergy with boron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and ascorbic acid. CELLFOOD® Silica contains all of these elements which support bones, arteries, connective tissue, healthy hair, skin and nails. Bone can not re-mineralize and repair itself if enough Silica is not present.

When we age, our Silica levels decrease and we begin to exhibit other signs of aging such as dry skin, lack of energy and slower healing. It is believed that Silica supplementation may be a part of this solution to aging. Maintaining a regular supply of Silica to our bodies as we age should help us to maintain a more youthful state and to live our lives in minimal pain.

Silica is a natural compound made up from silicon and oxygen. All connective tissue cells in the body, nails, hair and skin contain Silica. Silica molecules enhance the body’s ability to increase water absorption of essential proteins, acting as a binding agent. By binding existing calcium, protein and water molecules together, they help strengthen and revitalized skin, hair and nails.

METHOD OF USE: 2 times a day, 15 drops are dissolved in a glass of water. It is advisable to consult with Biodoctor to obtain an individual dosage, tailored to your needs and desires. It is necessarily taken in water.

CONTENTS at a recommended daily dose of 30 drops:

Cellfood® – 500 mg;

Silica (SiO2) – 50 mg.

Quantity in one package – 118 ml.

Shelf life – 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Storage method – no specific requirements at temperatures up to 25 ° C.

The product is a nutritional supplement.

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