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9.00 лв.

50 ml

It has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, for smokers and when working in a polluted environment.
The most common problems are colds, flu, sinusitis, hay fever, pharyngitis, angina, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, asthma, etc.
The product is a nutritional supplement.


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Mallow and Lungwort.
– Thymus serpyllum L.
– Ocimum basilicum L.
– Primula officinalis L.
– Inula helenium L.
– Fragaria vesca L.
– Malva silvestris L.
– Pulmonaria officinalis L.

BRONCHO can be taken in combination with each of the other BIODOCTOR’s supplements.

For example:

  • with Echinacea and IMMUNO – for different types of severe infections of the respiratory system.

Combining it with CHAMOMILE, PINE, YARROW, GARLIC and NETTLES has especially good potential effect. Of course, in various combinations depending on the case and the individual patient.

A powerful effect, especially on young children, has the combination with CELLFOOD® MULTIVITAMIN – as  it is directly related to the most serious modern viruses and bacteria from the anaerobic type.

ATTENTION!!! Nutrients from the herbs act only when they are pre-extracted in the form of liquid extract!

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