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9.00 лв.

50 ml

With a beneficial effect on the skin and its appendages.
The most common problems are inflammation, eczema, rash, hair loss, psoriasis, allergic and other skin manifestations.
The product is a nutritional supplement.


The price includes VAT and does not include delivery.



Jerusalem Thorn
– Avena sativa L.
– Inula helenium L.
– Juglans regia L.
– Calendula officinalis
– Arctium lappa L.
– Paliurus spina-christi Mill.
– Sambucus nigra

DERMO can be taken in combination with each of the other BIODOCTOR’s preparations.

For example:

  • with NEURO and ELEUTEROCOCCUS – for neuro-hormonal problems
  • with FEMINO, ELEUTEROCOCCUS and CLIMACTO – for hormonal imbalance
  • with HEPATO and / or BILIKO – for liver and gallbladder problems
  • with URO – for kidney dysfunction

The combination ROSEMARY, CAROTENE and WHEAT GERM is very good.

The most powerful effect is reached by adding CELLFOOD MULTIVITAMIN and GORLDEN ROOT.

ATTENTION!!! Nutrients from the herbs act only when they are pre-extracted in the form of liquid extract!

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