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1.1. After a customer places their order on www.biodoctor.org, a consultant on the online shop will process it. The user will receive an e-mail to confirm that the order has been  successfully placed.

1.2. We do not ship orders on Sundays and National holydays.

1.2.1.Delivery time is up to 3 business days from the moment the order is confirmed.

1.3. BIODOCTOR carries out deliveries by the courier company “Speedy” and “Evroput”., with regular delivery times ranging from 9.00 to 17.30. The customer can specify the exact delivery time, which makes the service 1.20 BGN more expensive.
1.4. Delivery is made to an address specified by the Customer (whether residential or business).
1.5. The prices for a delivery by “Evroput” are as follows:

  • to 1 kg. – 4,19 BGN VAT included
  • from 1 to 2 kg. – 5.52 BGN VAT included
  • from 2 to 5 kg. – 6.90 BGN VAT included

Cash upon delivery  Fee:

  • up to 100 BGN – 1.20 BGN VAT included
  • over 100 BGN – 1.2% VAT excluded from the value of the payment

Fuel Fee:

The fuel charge is variable and ranges around 5%.

1.6. You can receive information about the delivery prices of Courier Company “Speedy” when your order is confirmed by our consultant.

1.7. Each shipment is covered by insurance which is paid by the Seller.

1.7. If the user does not provide access and conditions for a delivery to the specified address within the specified period or did not go to the specified office of the courier company to receive the product, if this option is selected, the Seller shall be released from the obligation to meet the requested delivery.


2.1. The payment of the ordered goods can be done in two ways, regardless of the chosen method of payment, the amount to pay is the same and there are additional fees for processing the payment.

2.1.1. Cash upon delivery

2.1.2. Via bank transfer: IBAN BG66UBBS80021009373310, BIC UBBSBGSF, UBB St. Sofia branch


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