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My name is Fred. My wife, Anette, works at the Dis-Chem in Canal Walk. At the wheelchair race at Willowbridge, you suggested to her that I increase the amount of Cellfood® and add Cellfood® Longevity. Thank you for the Cellfood® and  Cellfood® Longevity you sent me.

I turned 45 in January 2006. I was diagnosed with gout in 1986 and have been crippled by chronic attacks since. I learnt to live with painful joints, all my joints – ankles, knees, hands, shoulders and elbows, often not able to walk or button my shirt. After watching the training DVD on Cellfood® with my wife in November 2005, I started using it.

Sleeping – from being semi-awake, never going into a deep sleep, I now have a full nights sleep and wake up refreshed and awake – wanting to get up.

Painful joints disappeared – I can get so much done in a day – my hands can open and close and grip without pain.

I can climb the stairs at my place of work – previously I always had to make use of the ramps.

My hair stopped falling out!

Dramatic increase in energy

Helped with heart palpitations

Blood pressure dropped from180/130 to 130/95

I showed my brother the Cellfood® DVD. He started using it at the end of January. His insulin use dropped from about 35 units per day to 4 units. I spoke to him earlier today. He has stopped injecting and his blood sugar has stabilized on 4.2 You can contact him on hopiimp@vodamail.co.za – Fanie Rheeder.



My father has Alzheimer’s. His once quick brain has become slow and his memory much impaired, he moves slowly and spends most of the day asleep. After getting the OK from his doctor, the home where he is now have been giving him Cellfood®, 12 drops twice a day since the end of December.

I went to see him on 8th January, his 81st birthday and was thrilled to find quite a change in him. When I got there he was walking about, not slumped in a chair in a stupor. He was able to look at his birthday cards and appreciate presents from the family. We listened to some music and he commented how well done it was and what a charming piece it was. He ate his birthday cake with no problem and his words where perfectly intelligible. This is, I am sure, the work of the Cellfood®.



Breast lumps

Winnie Mandela, President of the ANC Women’s League, South Africa
Winnie Mandela - about CellfoodI haven’t got ways to thank you for the wonderful, wonderful product you have introduced to myself and my people. I am a beneficiary of the fantastic benefits of Cellfood®. I preach about it everywhere, and all my colleagues in government have wonderful things to say about it.
It has completely changed my life. I had a lump in my left breast and was sent to a specialist for a mammogram. I doubled the dose of Cellfood® from 25 to 50 drops per day- that is, I took 2 bottles per month- and now the lump is gone!
As well, the kind of stress I’ve had throughout my life is public knowledge. I can’t remember a single minute- or week or month- of my past life that I’d not been stressed to a point of being traumatized. I had very high blood pressure, and due to years of treatment for it, I developed diabetes. But look how energized I am now!
After taking Cellfood® I no longer need my blood sugar or blood pressure medications, and am not taking any more of the drugs for diabetes. People now continually ask me about my great energy.
I was also very confrontational before, as many of you know. Cellfood® has helped me relax and not have the anger I’d been experiencing throughout my life. I have been very angry about apartheid- I have been very angry about what it has done to my people, and, above all, to my own family. I now have much more patience and am more accommodating. Cellfood® proves there are alternatives to whatever stress we may face.



Anaemia (due to bladder cancer)

J.T.Rielly – 041-586-0326

I was receiving chemotherapy for bladder cancer for a period of 5 months. During this period my red blood cells decreased causing me to suffer from anaemia, which resulted in dizziness and shortage of breath. ” After being introduced to Cellfood®, my red blood cells increased considerably. I was then given a course of radium treatment; and, after the treatment, I was given a scan. The scan showed that one area of the cancer had disappeared, and two others had decreased by two thirds.
My general feeling of health has improved since taking Cellfood®.


Prostate cancer

 John C Henry on 1 August 2016

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007 and was given a number of possibilities regarding the form of treatment. Our choice (my wife and I) was to remove the prostate.

Over the following two to three years I did my best to stick to a relatively healthy diet by eating all of the good foods. I also take honey in my drinks in place of sugar.

One important addition which my specialist strongly recommended was that I keep fit. This I did by taking up road biking riding 12to 18 hours weekly and this has certainly helped me tremendously.

Four years ago, my wife mentioned the Cellfood® range of products and its mentioned benefits. I started taking the standard Cellfood® drops which stated, had a supportive role in various health conditions one of them being cancer. I advanced the number of drops per day to my present level of 90 to 100. I have had my annual visit to my specialist who informed us that my condition is stable. I am now into my 3rd year of stability and working on pushing the cancer further down.


Marion Schulze


I am a 58 year old female. In November 2006 I developed hard lymph nodes in all the places one normally gets them. Some of them were sore and I was very worried, because my husband had passedmany years before from Lymphoma.

I searched the internet for all possibilities and reasons why a person could develop lymph nodes. It was running in circles because “Lymphoma” kept staring me in the face. Then all of a sudden within 10 days I dropped 4 kilo’s and they stayed off.

Now I weighed only 55 kg, way too little for my height of 1.78 m. That was February 2007. Feeling otherwise quite normal, I just didn’t pay too much attention to the glands, but they were there. Then in October that year I stumbled across an article by a doctor, giving detailed report on the interaction of oxygen and cancerous cells. That made a lot of sense to me and I decided to try Cellfood® and a variety of nutrients.

6 weeks later, over a time span of 48 hours all the glands crumbled and over the following 3 month I regained some of the lost weight. Feeling absolutely normal again, I stopped taking all the special things and carried on with life.

And here is what I should have done: Stay on Cellfood®, but I didn’t. Bad mistake!

In late 2007 all the nodes were back, this time coupled with elephant size spleen and water collected around my left lung, squeezing the lung to nothingness, I could not breathe.

In this condition I arrived in Germany for treatment and as I heard much later, Doctors didn’t have much hope for me.

Cellfood® travelled with me to Germany and I took my drops every day, increased dose on the days before and after the Chemo was administered. What the good Doctors didn’t see possible, happened: All symptoms went away, my blood recovered and I am back in SA, enjoying life and good health.

I am of the firm belief that Cellfood® had a great deal to do with my pulling through cancer. my drops are now a firm part of my life and i wont live a day without them. thank you for this beautiful product.


Child with autism

Billy Warr on December 4, 2012

It’s just that, Cellfood®. Was introduced to this product years ago for a child with autism. Our doctor suggested it and we really enjoy seeing how it makes our child feel. Highly recommended!


Brain tumor

Sister Michèl Maree-Ginsberg is a registered nursing sister, who has had extensive experience as the nursing sister in a large private school, and in her own private practice.

“A child had been diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 4. A huge tumour was removed from the base of her brain. The result of surgery was unfortunate damage to several nerve supplies, leaving her partially paralysed. The result of her follow-up radiotherapy was a loss of 15 points to her I.Q. At the age of 6, she was put into a special school. At 8 she was repeating grade one for the second time. It was at this time that I put her on to Cellfood®. Within a week of using the product her parents were called to see her teacher and occupational therapist – so drastic was her improvement! Two months later her father phoned me in tears – his daughter just asked him a question that he thought she never would – ‘How does the vacuum work in a water container?’ He reported that she was becoming more aware and alert, and was starting to question everyday things that children do in order to learn. It was amazing how Cellfood® was assisting in the rebuilding of her neurological systems; and at the age of 12, she was able to function normally.”


Ovarian Cancer

Jackie Norris, Texas

I have Ovarian Cancer. After taking Cellfood® I have more energy and stamina then before. I am able to breeze through my treatments now whereas before I became extreme sick. My treatments were not effective anymore. But after Cellfood®, my cancer test (CA-125) has dropped by 168 points in 3 weeks. Cellfood® is all that I have done different.


Cancer – oesophagus

Mrs X was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus and tongue. Conventional treatment, e.g. chemotherapy, radiation, etc., did not arrest the cancer. Because of her severe condition, she was only able to drink liquids, and was losing weight daily. When her daughter suggested that she should take Cellfood®, Mrs X was not interested and was prepared to die. Unbeknown to her, her daughter started adding Cellfood® to all the liquids (tea, soup, etc) being given to her dying mother.

Within a couple of weeks, Mrs X had improved to such an extent that she asked if she could have some pasta to eat. Shortly after this, she had nearly regained her weight and decided to go back to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor was amazed to report that her cancer-cell count had reduced considerably. At a second check-up a few weeks later, he reported that she no longer had any cancer in her oesophagus; and then had her entire body tested to see if the cancer was manifesting somewhere else. Everyone was amazed when he reported that there was no cancer in any of her systems.

Mrs X did not know that her daughter had been giving her Cellfood®; and, for this reason, we are not disclosing her full name. For more details about this interesting case, please contact Mrs Lola Kabalin on 011-728-3514.


Brain tumor

Mrs Ellen Cilliers

In September 1999, due to epileptic attacks, my husband went to our Doctor for a check-up, and was diagnosed with 3 tumours on his brain. Two options were suggested to us: 1) Brain surgery; or 2) Radiation treatment. It was explained to us that there were risks involved with both the brain surgery and the radiation treatment, which could have resulted in my husband losing his ability to speak and to walk. This was unacceptable to us, especially at his age of 70. A friend suggested that I contact a Doctor (who knew about Cellfood®) about my husband’s condition. The Doctor recommended that I give him Cellfood®, starting on a low dosage, and then building up to 100 drops per day, as well as a strict diet according to his blood type.

Five months later, at the beginning of February 2000, my husband was x-rayed again. No trace of the tumours or any cancer was found. In scanning for the cancer, they x-rayed him from his stomach to his head, and were amazed to find that he was completely clear of cancer. He is now on 75 drops of Cellfood® a day, and is driving his car again. His lifestyle is much better than even before the epileptic attacks; and he no longer has epileptic attacks.

We believe we serve a great and mighty God. He answers prayers, but we must do our part.


Breast cancer and diabetes

Cellfood® can help people with AIDS as well. Winnie Mandela suffered breast cancer and diabetes and she got cured taking Cellfood®. I am saying that this product is good coz I see it with my own eyes, friends and my family got well or the symptoms reduced …


Cancer – colon

Brian Billings: 083-592-7084

I have always been a very strong and healthy person, in spite of possibly overdoing smoking and drinking. Without warning, I suddenly experienced terrible stomach pains. After a week, a doctor put me on medication. This did not help, and I went to hospital, where tests were done.

To my absolute horror, they discovered a cancerous growth and colon cancer. I was immediately operated on, having the growth removed and a colostomy. I was discharged from hospital and told I needed to start radiation treatment. I did not want to be exposed to radiation; and, fortunately, a family member told me about Cellfood®. I started taking it, and did not go for radiation treatment. Soon, I was taking 75 drops of Cellfood® a day.

Three weeks later I went for further tests. The surgeon was amazed and told me there was no trace of cancer in my systems. I was very pleased and increased my dosage to 90 drops per day. When I went for another biopsy, the surgeon said that I had improved so much that he could reverse the ‘bag system’ I had, and surgically reconstruct my colon, so that I could live a normal life. I will continue to take Cellfood® for the rest of my life.

Update 3 months later: “I have now had three major abdominal operations; and, because I improved so much after taking Cellfood®, my intestinal system has been completely re-constructed. All the operations have been successful and I am presently recovering from the final operation. “I still take 75 drops of Cellfood® every day, which has helped me enormously. After the last operation at the end of January, which lasted 3 hours, I was amazed at how quickly I recovered from the anaesthetic and was able to talk to family members within a few hours; whereas, after my first operation (before I started taking Cellfood®), my reaction to the anaesthetic and the operation was so traumatic that it took me days to recover. “As I said previously, I am very grateful to my family for having introduced me to Cellfood®, and I will continue to take it for the rest of my life.



Chronic bronchitis

Jesse Ryburn on February 7, 2013

About ten years ago I started my mother on Cellfood®. She never had congestive heart failure or chronic bronchitis again. She died at age 89 and a half and I think she lived ten years longer because of Cellfood®.


I had a lump in my left arm

on August 30, 2015

I got a lump in my left hand and I don’t know why after using this product it disappeared, My doctor programed a surgery to removed but after 3 weeks waiting the approve form my insurance company…the lump is no longer in my left hand…Word of precautions got use easy because it cause to loose stool, so use maybe 4 drops until your stomach accepts and them increment up to 8 drops


Auto-immume system 

Bob Burns on July 22, 2016

I am amazed at what Cellfood® did for me …This story is so crazy I don’t believe it myself, yet it is true. I had torso pain for 26 years that was auto-immune related (immune system attacks cells on rib cage, similar to some forms of arthritis). then, someone on the internet suggested Cellfood®, which is an anti-oxidant vitamin that reduces the load on the immune system. “immune load” is the amount of stuff it is fighting. Reducing load causes its sensitivity to drop. “immune sensitivity” is how likely it is that it will attack something. In other words, this Cellfood® helps with auto-immune problems (immune system attacking something you don’t want it to attack). I figured there was a 1 in a million chance this Cellfood® would be helpful (I am a skeptic). so it tried it and the pain went away within 5 days. if you have a goofy problem, I suggest you take Cellfood® for several weeks and if you don’t see dramatic improvement, discontinue use.



Daione Johnson on December 15, 2012

I brought this product for my mother in law, she has cancer and after she started using Cellfood®, along with Catsclaw, she is now cancer free. It’s a small price to pay for LIFE!


Irene Hartfield on August 31, 2013

My two 70+ sisters, my 101 yo mom and I are all taking this and we are feeling GREAT! We notice a big difference in my 101 yo mom: more energy, better mood. For us, we notice the energy and just general feeling of well-being. It also helps with elimination. If I’m not feeling that great, I just have a drink of pure water with the Cellfood® in it and it is a great pick me up. Highly recommended!


Mike A. Oregon

I used Cellfood® and Dna/Rna to treat a spot on my eye that the eye doctors had told me was cancer.  They were going to use cryotherapy to treat it.  After starting the Cellfood® and Dna/Rna the spot on my eye was gone within a week to a week and a half. Saw the doctor again in a month and they had no explanation.  So Cellfood®  works!


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