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I’ve lost 34 kg

I was a fat child. I reached 108 kg and I am just a teenager. My parents were very concerned about my health and I’m in such an age in which appearance is important. Accidentally, on the recommendation of friends, I went to the Natural Medicine Center Biorezon. There, the doctor made me an individual therapy with “CELLFOOD Natural Weight Loss Formula”. I bought the promotional package. Only for two weeks I lost almost 9 kg. I kept going back to my estimates of individual dose and the first control was shot down another 7kg. For the second control I was down by as much as 24 kilograms and now, a year later, I’m 34 kilograms less than the original.
Thanks to BIODOKTOR!

Alen Bojilov, Sofia


I lost 38 kg

I was 120 kg. I had lost hope that I can have a normal body and confidence. For me it is already in the past and I will not let it happen again. Miracle happened thanks to the American “Loss FORMULA”. For three and a half months I’ve lost 38 kg. and am now 82 kg. Now I bought and lucrative promotional package and I’m looking forward to summer.

Krassimira Draganova – Elena


I’ve lost 17 kg

For years I’ve been struggling unsuccessfully with the excess weight. I tried different diets, slimming preparations and exercise, but the effect was minimal and perishable. My profession is such that the stand all day, but do not move very intense. I learned about the U.S. preparation “CELLFOOD Natural Weight Loss Formula”, its unique ternary composition and proven results. I called Biodoctor, where after a serious analysis of mine body composition, I was made an individual program. At it’s end I’ve lost 17 kg. For me this is the best motivation! So I’ll keep drinking it as I use a package 2+1.

Ani Hristova, Novi Iskur



Garcinia Cambogia is a top pick for weight loss

This product (Cellfood natural weight loss formula) contains Garcinia Cambogia. Dr. Oz recently had a show stating that Garcinia Cambogia is a top pick for weight loss, and the potentiality of lowering cholesterol. It helps blocks fat and controls the appetite.


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